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I'm facing downsizing and don't know where to start.

Whether the project is yours or for your parents, downsizing to a new home is freeing -  but first you deal with some big questions.


What about all that stuff... and the memories? How can I throw so much away? Who will want some of it? What should we keep to make a new home?


Sorting, giving away, donating, discarding, packing and unpacking – it’s really enough to paralyze you. Don't worry. Help is here.


Downsizing organizing is best tackled over multiple days of 3 hours at a time if possible. Reviewing family history can bring up emotions, which can be tiring. We’ll evaluate what needs to be done, spend a 3-hour session working together and set a maximum rate for your job.


When you have a partner, you have the assurance that you’ll get through the tough spots and what awaits you on the other side is a carefully curated home for your next lighter, freer stage of life.

Downsizing Help
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