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What's the solution?  We'll start with a bit of "environmental therapy."

Therapy is a journey of self-discovery. We’ll begin by looking at the area you want to manage, discuss how it got out of control and how you use the stuff involved. 
Then we’ll look at each item, toss those of no use to you and find your best system for storing those you can use.


Together, we’ll give you a more serene and tranquil environment by completing organizing projects that will give you not just cleaner surfaces, but clearer focus.


“But how can I possibly invite someone into my pandemonium?” you might be asking.

We'll be in a judgement-free zone. I’ve always seen a bigger mess made by someone who is also a terrific person – someone who’s no longer stuck and is living a more productive and happy life than when they took a chance and opened their door to me.

Organizing - Dining Room Table After (2)
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