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How does this work?

It starts with a call to 872-356-6494 or an email to


We'll talk about what’s bothering you about your environment...

  • What room(s) are issues?

  • How do you use the rooms and the stuff in them?

  • What challenges do these issues present?

             Lost time?

             Financial waste?

             Frustration and stress?

  • Do you avoid entertaining at home?

  • Who else in the family feels the effects of the clutter?

  • What do you want from the space that you don’t have?

Then we’ll set up a time to walk through your room(s) and get started. It usually works best to put in 3 hours and see how far we get, since everyone works differently. If we finish, great! If there’s more to be done, we’ll know how we work together and estimate the time it will take to finish.

Organized Closet
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